The new Master CD, An Epiphany Of Hate is now available for 15 euros Paypal [email protected] Digi packs sold out from my end, you can order these from FDA Records!

10/10 pts for the new, upcoming MASTER album by Zephyr's Odem !

“Eine bombastische Scheibe, die die Death/Thrasher da hingelegt haben. Da wurde nichts abgeleitet oder hinzu gemogelt, das ist echter Death!!! Roaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!” - 10/10 Punkte – ZEPHYR'S Olaf Zephyrs Odem

Cadaveric Poison

Cadaveric Poison is a new project of Seegel, Felix (Witchburner) and Speckmann (Master).
The recordings for the first two track EP "Fight for Evil" are finished.
The EP will be released in near future by Dying Victims Productions.

A new projekt

Recorded some vokills for a new project with the Witchburner Seegel and some of his bandmates! A killer seven-inch will be released soon so you can check it out!

Back from South America

Back from South America, I would like to thank the following people for their efforts in making this a successful endeavor, Marcelo d'Castro Necromancia, Tiago Claro, Ari Junior, Christian Domizi, Jorge Lopez, Weaponsof Conquest, Sismika Prod and of course Zdenek Pradlovsky.

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year to all from Master and myself. Hopefully 2014 will bring better things for all of us. See you in South America in two weeks followed by the USA in April and May with Alex Bouks Incantation, Ruston Grosse and Wild Bill for 23 dates!

Merry X-mas

Merry Christmas, for all of You!!!

Alex Stuck

Alex will be stuck at home recouperating from the cracked vertebrae courtesy of the van crash in Cluj, Romania for three months, so hopefully the South American promoters can change the name on the flight tickets for a fillin guitarist or the tour will be cancelled, fingers crossed this can be fixed.

Bad News, with a Happy End

We had a crash near Cluj, but everyone is alive and no serious injuries, brakes went out and the van ran into a ravine, but on the way with new transportation soon for Bucharest. Terrifying experience at 3:00 in the morning my friends.

Book Release

"SPECKMANN - Underground Survivor - The Pictoral, it was posponed until February. More infos coming soon.

A new Masterpiece!

Death Metal pioneers MASTER opens the rotten coffin for the band's landmark 12th full-length album �The Witchhunt�, which is scheduled for September 27th. on CD and LP. Featuring 11 new stunning trax of rotten classic death metal, catchy and varied in the American way, the classic way death metal was meant to be. Thick, massive production to demonstrate superb songwriting and musicianship. MASTER is back in best shape since years and with �The Witchhunt� they wrote another death metal milestone, build their own monument to the next level. The album comes with an fantastic artwork by ArtWars Mediadesign

Our Shop is Online Now!

The new Master shop is open Now! Hit the Merch Button. Abomination, Deathstrike and other rareties are also available, interested parties can go directly to the new site. The management.

Stay Tuned for "SPECKMANN - Underground Survivor - The Pictoral!!

September 28th is the official release.

more infos coming soon!

New Shows!!

New shows added to the Live section.

Thank You!

Thanks to Daniel Abecassis and Entrapment as well as the rest of the fellas and all the crazy, Belgian, German, Danish and Swedish fans that came out to support us. Speckmann

New Shows!!

New shows added to the Live section.

Interview with The Master himself.check it out!!

New Shows!!

New shows added to the Live section, dont miss them.


Sorry for the long delay on some of the orders, was on tour for 42 days rehearsals in the USA included, all orders sent let me know that they arrive people' The Management!


Just a quick thanks to all my American friends and fans, thanks for coming out to support the 32 shows.

MASTER - "THE NEW ELITE" / Press-quotes

BRUTALISM (NL) - 5 / 5
"�The New Elite� is a consistently pleasing death metal blueprint! One of the best releases of recent times!"

"Holy shit, Speckmann rules! In the world of Master simplicity is brutality!

"This is undoubtedly one of the best classic Death Metal albums of the year 2012! If you call yourself a Death Metal fan you MUST support MASTER!"

"MASTER-fans will get what they want!"

AVE NOCTUM (UK) - 8 / 10
"'The New Elite� is certainly one of Master�s most well-executed and consistent efforts! By extension, it is also among their finest!"

"Roh, intensiv und Speckmann kotzt sich jede Silbe aus dem Leib! Stagnation auf diesem Niveau muss man erstmal erreichen!"

METAL1.INFO (GER) - 8,5 / 10
"Coole Riffs, bissiger Sound und nicht zuletzt Speckmanns angepisster Gesang machen 'The New Elite' zu einem echten Leckerbissen f�r Szenekenner!"

"Wer old school Death will, braucht MASTER! Da f�hrt kein Weg dran vorbei!"

MEGA METAL (GER) - 8 / 10
"Death/Thrash ohne Firlefanz - immer noch vorne, immer mit Dampf, immer ohne nennenswerte Ver�nderungen � immer geil!"

"Stumpf kann jeder, so verdammt gut stumpf k�nnen nur wenige! MASTER �berzeugen auch mit 'The New Elite' auf ganzer Linie!"

"Richtig alter Death Metal, den heute viele Bands nicht einmal unter Zwang auf die Reihe kriegen! Das mit Abstand beste MASTER-Album im neuen Jahrtausend!"

QUEENS OF STEEL (ESP) - 8,5 / 10
"One of the most complete MASTER records in all aspects!"

"Master is the force of tradition!"

"Speckmann is on real form! Proper death metal for real men!"

New Reviews

In the Review section you will find new reviews for "THE NEW ELITE", and in the video section you will find a great Video-Review, thumbs up for this guy!

New Homepage Online! on a new domain is deletet! was deleted due to the bankruptcy of Twilight Vertrieb so you can go check the new website, a work from none other than the New Elite artist Mark Bridgeman ( for updates, shows and merchandise information now at

The New Elite vinyl on the way!

These will be here by Thursday at my house so sending soon. You can still order black vinyl issues if you are interested directly from me! 20 euros LTD to 500 copies so hurry! Arriving this week so of course sending to all the 21 preorders first!

for orders go to

The new Masterpiece "THE NEW ELITE" is out now!!


  The New Elite
  Rise Up and Fight
  Remove The Knife
  Smile As You're Told
  Redirect The Evil
  Out Of Control
  As Two Worlds Collide
  New Reforms
  Guide Yourself
  Souls To Dissuade
  Twist Of Fate

for orders go to


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