Speckmann - Underground Survivor The Pictoral

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20,8 X 29,6 centimeter Hardcover (with relief printing) picture book
with comments and anecdotes in English and German. 192 pages, mostly
full-coloured with some black and white photos. Estimated date of

About the artist:

To call Paul Speckmann
(born 28.09.1963 in Chicago, USA) a living legend is not an
exaggeration. His influence on the genesis and evolution of Death Metal
is given and mentioned very often. Generations of musicians refer to
Speckmann and bands he led, when asked for musical influences. They all
describe him and his work as a constant motivational force.
book impressively illustrates the journey of Paul Speckmann, starting in
his youth and with his first musical attempts up to his status as an
Metal icon nowadays. It portrays him for the first time as an adorable
person and musician, on-stage and behind the stages of this world, in
his private life and within the centre of public attention. In 2013 this
extraordinary artist celebrates his 50th birthday. Is there a better
date for releasing this homage? We're sure: The time is now!

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